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Article: How to wash silk

Jak prać jedwab

How to wash silk

How to wash silk


Silk is a special fabric, natural, of high quality and a beautiful texture. It means that silk is an exceptional fabric and requires exceptional handling. While it is a high-strength fabric it is also  delicate especially during washing.

What is crucial – gentle handling with the fabric and the need to care for it. In practice it means the following:

  • Don’t wash silk in an automatic washing machine 
  • Dry cleaning is recommended. It is the safest although the most expensive option. 
  • If you insist on washing at home, hand wash in a laundry bowl. Before you use the bowl, clean it thoroughly and make sure that there are no sharp, even tiny elements in it. 
    - and another question is water you have at home because silk likes soft water. If you have hard water at home, it is worth using sodium tetraborane commonly called borax (and add it to water according to the instruction)
  • Never use strong detergents (such as washing powder)
  • You can use a mild soap or shampoo for children.
  • We recommend a liquid for silk washing. This type of detergent is suitable for cleaning silk and assures the top quality of washing. Soon you will be able to buy such agent in our Store.
  • The temperature of water is also important. The darker fabric the cooler water should be used (even for bright fabrics use maximum cool water, never warm or even hot)
  • Put the fabric into a laundry bowl with water and soap or a silk washing liquid and let it soak but not for too long time, maximum for 3-4 minutes. Silk left in water for too long time may stretch. 
  • Don’t rub the fabric, don’t wring it or scrub because you can damage a delicate structure of silk. Try to stir the fabric in water. 
  • To rinse the fabric change the water in the bowl, apply the temperature of water similar to the washing temperature (it is important!) and rinse it in the bowl for 2-4 minutes.
  • To obtain a shine of silk satin you can use white vinegar for rinsing, however, don’t use it too much (max. 1 spoonful for 1 litre of water)
  • When you take your garment out of the bowl, don’t wring it, just put it on a dry towel and press it gently to drain off the excess of water, then let it dry on a hanger (hanging on
    a washing line/on a laundry dryer is not a good idea because a washing line may leave
    a smudge) or lay the laundry flat. It is important to dry it in the shade and not to expose to sunlight.
  • After drying, when the fabric is still slightly damp or when you moisten it, you can iron your garment on the reverse side applying ‘silk’ program on your iron. The temperature should not be certainly high, you can also make the ironing through a thin cloth.

Such handling will not damage silk and you will enjoy beautiful natural silk of your pyjamas or dress for many years.

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