What is Furora [in English ‘sensation’] like?


What does the Parisian classics create in the Polish capital city, meeting the New York’s style, surrounded by Italian and French silks?

It creates an international sensation!


Furora is a personal fashion brand which tells my story. It aroused out of the need for timeless beauty and reasonable luxury.


The collection includes clothes, lingerie and accessories made exclusively of silk.

The colours are well-thought-out. A half of them are classic colours, the other half is fashion madness. Series are short and styles are extremely precisely developed, for example accessories such as mother-of-pearl buttons. Silk for Furora comes from trusted suppliers from Italy and France.


It is quality of the brand which sets the direction of changes in the approach to everything what surrounds us, what we wear and in which we sleep.

The awareness of the properties of silk fabric is crucial for understanding Furora business philosophy.


Silk is a fully natural fabric, light, elegant, durable and thermoactive. When the body comes into contact with silk, the magic starts. The fabric adjusts perfectly to the body. It cools it when it is too warm for the body and warms it when the body needs it. You can feel all its advantages on your skin. However, silk itself as a fabric is very demanding for a sewing room. That is why Furora cooperates with a Polish sewing room specializing exclusively in top silk dressmaking which sews mainly for foreign markets such as Japan or Italy.

Furora sews locally, having in mind the woman who acts globally. I have lived in many countries, I have met a lot of people, cultures and customs. While creating my own brand I had in my mind clothes and lingerie which should defend themselves with their quality at any latitude. And today I am happy to say that’s what Furora does.


How was Furora created?


Personally, I have always shivered at the thought that I must wear or sleep in ‘synthetic’ fabrics such as for example, polyester. The skill to distinguish quality from mediocrity was instilled in me by my granny who was always a chic and elegant classy lady. Granny Basia used to wear only silk dresses. Even after the war, when people were short of everything, she retained one dress, the one made of silk. Thanks to my granny, silk has always surrounded me. As a child I used to cuddle up to silk and sleep in silk. When I grew up, the desire for being surrounded by this fabric remained in my memory.

The idea of creating silk clothes and lingerie germinated in my mind and in my heart during my honeymoon. Enjoying the charm of Italian Positano, me and my husband were having  breakfast leisurely on the terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Being fully immersed in a dolce vita climate, I had a feeling that all that was missing in that scenery was silk pyjamas. Before we had left for our honeymoon I had been looking for a long time for something special for that occasion, absolutely made of silk but I could not find anything. And then a thought of creating something what I could wear with pleasure came to my mind. And not only during my honeymoon but also every day. My dream came true in the form of my own brand the story of whose I have just told you. 


What would be your story if you woke up every day in silk?


Alicja Kido

the founder of Furora