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Article: And why so expensive? Any discounts?

A czemu tak drogo? Kiedy jakiś rabacik?

And why so expensive? Any discounts?

Why so expensive?

Let's start with the fact that our products are silk. Real silk. Italian silk. The price of silk is 5-10 times higher than the price of viscose, tens of times higher than the price of polyester.

Silk products require precision in sewing, they are more difficult to make, they are sewn with special threads on other sewing machines than products e.g. Of cotton. Most sewing rooms do not undertake silk sewing. They do not have trained seamstress, they do not have special needles, and moreover they are afraid of the responsibility that comes from the fact that silk is expensive and how it is e.g. The machine settings will be driven by the error, they will have to bear this cost. After many trials, we sewed in a sewing room that makes silk clothes for the countries of Western Europe and Japan, because in Poland no one wants to pay such rates. Currently, we sew in a small studio near Warsaw and the sewing is done 100% by hand. Of course, there are still a pair of sewing rooms that have lower prices, but then we would have to sew huge quantities, and at this stage we are not yet.

When sewing silk products, you also have to take into account the higher consumption of the fabric-normally the beam of the material is 150-160cm wide, and the silk beam is only 140cm wide, i.e. when you buy a meter of fabric you just get it less.

The minimum order for fabrics of a given color is usually 100-150 meters, and the price drops proportionally by a few percent only above 500m and above 1000m-such quantities can only be ordered by the biggest players. At the same time, it is disproportionately growing with orders less than 100 meters-usually + 30% of the price when ordering below 100 meters.

In order to produce clothes, apart from the design, you should have a structure-you should find a clothing designer who specializes in what we care about-the type of clothing and knows the specificity of a given fabric. Making the construction of a single piece of clothing costs a few hundred to a few thousand zlotys to which should be added grading, i.e. creating a size, which of course creates a higher price (hence the number of clothes one size!).

Why silk from Italy?

Of course, it would be cheaper to buy silk in China, ba, how much cheaper would it be to sew in China! But is it always just about cheaper? Do we really want to be so addicted to China? I really appreciate contact with local European suppliers, whom I have the opportunity to meet in person during the fabric fair in Milan and visit on the occasion of a trip to Italy  For me personally, Italian silk is more pleasant to the touch (kinder, softer) than the one from China.

Why are we sewing in Poland?

After this season, I also sometimes wonder: Q History with sewing rooms every company sewing clothes has a million-they are always late, they take more jobs than they can produce, they don't answer the phones and many more, but at the end of the day you can go and see your production and support the local economy. The quality of sewing in Poland in a good sewing room is really high-we have great sewing traditions and some of this trade is still preserved.

What about these discounts?

Have you never wondered how companies function that forever have discounts? They just have such a business model! They overprice their products so that after the reduction they would go to what they wanted to get anyway. Poles are one of the most responsive nations to sell-off. Our prices are set so that if we cut them by 20%, we could close the business. Silk and silk production is expensive. There are no shortcuts here. The costs of reaching the customer are also enormous, at a time when Chinese marketplaces are pumping millions of dollars into their advertising.

And when is the rebate? Of course we will do discount stocks from time to time, but they will never reach a high level. Silk things are timeless, they are not subject to seasonal fashions, they can serve you decades. We don't want you to buy on a wink flash sale type impulse and just 15 minutes more. We want our products to be a thoughtful purchase, make them a beautiful gift that pleases you and appreciate it, and you will not throw it into a corner when you first wear it. We are different and partially shoot ourselves in the knee, but we identify with these values and we don't want to be another firema doing clothes. We do not want to load millions of zlotys (which we do not have: D) in influencers and aggressive advertising. We believe in the organic growth and quality of our products, which defend themselves.

We are waiting for a storm in a glass of water :)

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