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Article: Brise d'ete Collection

Kolekcja Brise d'ete

Brise d'ete Collection

The Brise d'ete collection is the fulfillment of our summer dreams. It's sunsets, late moonlit dinners, strolls through the narrow streets of southern Europe, long, quiet mornings. This is also a lot of opportunities for celebration-weddings, romantic dinners, dates, parties. For all this, we 've made creations for you-from comfy, flowing pajamas, champagne lingerie and light summer dresses to chic creations you can wear for a special occasion, as well as our big hit-silk scarves that will add this extra spark to your looks! It is also very colorful with us-most brands sewing from silk bet on safe classics-black, white, gold. We have colors and you can see it in our collections, especially summer ones;) Pink, blue, green, dots, flowers, patterned scarves-it's all in our Brise d'ete collection <3
This year, all the silks come from our French contractor. We have fleshy silk satins with beautiful microstructure, ultra smooth silk satins, thinner and thicker silk crepes, and for the first time a beautiful dot silk crepe :) The process of selecting fabrics starts practically almost a year in advance, we, thanks to the fact that we sew small quantities, have in this aspect a little more freedom. Work on the collection takes about half a year-we sew prototypes, measure on different silhouettes and so with each model;)
Do we have mishaps? Sure it is! I will share one with you-the dress of Francoise Parisienne is still waiting for production, because we decided that it would look better with a lining. This decision was made at a fairly late stage and all the fabrics were already delivered, so it made no sense to import the lining from France-so I bought a viscose lining from a fabric supplier in Poland. Imagine my surprise when we discovered that the lining is polyester-of course, we immediately changed the fabric. With the company inside out so far we flip through emails... It was absurd to sew a silk dress with a polyester lining! The whole magic of silk is that it is great for the body and is a natural fabric, it does not sensitize us, it does not irritate, it breathes, it has thermoregulatory properties, and polyester is just softer foil and we cannot imagine combining it with our beloved silk! Our whole brand philosophy is based on the timelessness of silk and its naturalness <3 Focus on quality, focus on local, focus on naturalness! Especially in the summer on hot days you will thank each other for these good clothes decisions :) We love summer and hope it will be long and hot!

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