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Marron Silk Eye Band

Sale price190.00 zł
Gwarantowane bezpieczne płatności

A silk blinfold is an element of rest for everyone. Doesn’t matter whether you wear it at night or when you take a nap during a day, it will wrap your eyes in cosy darkness and will let you cut off from the outside world for a while. Recommended and proven especially by mums, stewardesses and consultants ;) 

Silk has many properties which have a real impact on your skin. This extremely delicate fabric does not absorb moisture nor bacteria and therefore is ideal for everyone who has skin problems.  It will be also appreciated by persons who care about reducing wrinkles  or just care about comfortable and nice sleep.

Our blinfolds are made of silk in all Furora colours:  black, white, brown, lilac, navy blue, olive and purple. Choose the colour you like most!

Handmade in Poland, of top quality Italian fabrics.

Marron Silk Eye Band
Marron Silk Eye Band Sale price190.00 zł

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